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PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.22.1:- Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royal game developed by PUBG Corporation. It is an online gaming application which is highly used by a large number of people. PUBG gaming app was first introduced in 2017.

In this gaming app, up to one hundred people can play a single time game. There is a team of four players of one who is the leader of the team. This leader is chosen by the other members of the group. Team leader decides and maintain the position of the game area.

PUBG starts with players landing by their parachutes on an island. All the players scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill other players while avoiding getting killed them. After landing on the island, the players find the weapons and start killing other players. This game is based on killing the other players and the last standing player is declared as the winner of the game. The winner gets the chicken dinner and some rewards. The map in the game shows the safe area in the game and it also provides the information about the other players who are the opponents. The area of the map also gets tighter by the decreasing number of players in the game.

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If the player wants to add their friends, they can send a request to them to join the game and after killing other opponents, they can fight for their own lives. It is an online gaming app which is installed by a large number of people.

Microsoft Studios introduced this gaming app for laptops and computers which was first introduced in 2017. In 2018, Microsoft windows introduced the game for Android and iOS devices. After developing the mobile versions of ths game, Microsoft studios earned much more profits.

PUBG is the best selling, high grossing and one of the most playing online gaming app. The original PUBG has sold 70 million copies on personal computers. After introducing the mobile version of this app, it recorded around 1 billion downloads on mobile devices.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game also received and nominated for many awards like Game of the year award. PUBG received many positive reviews from its players. PUBG Corporation run several tournaments time to time hich gives rewards to the winning player.

Even though this gaming app is highly liked by almost every player, it is resulted by some countries that this game is addictive for young people. Because of this, thus game is banned in some countries including India.

The versions are being updated time to time by improving the gaming quality and its efficiency.

Important Topic: How to download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0 update


The original gaming app size is about 3 GB so its developers introduced the lighter version of this gaming app. PUBG mobile lite size is around 725MB. The lite version is almost like the original gaming app but it doesn’t have all the features of the original app.

PUBG is a player versus player shooter game as I mentioned above but in the lite version of this app the developers have provided the best gaming experience to its users even though this lite version has less options than the original gaming app.

PUBG mobile lite has fewer options when it comes to maps. But the best part of this lite version is that it is more efficient and there are less glitches while playing online. If the players already know each other then they can talk to each other while playing and give the directions. Players can also choose the option to play the game either from the first person or third person perspective. The killed players can be looted to collect weapons.

The lighter version of this app is introduced specially for those people who cannot match with the system requirements. The lite version takes less processor and helps the users to play at low end devices without facing any trouble.



The last updated version of PUBG Mobile is 0.22.0. In this version many bugs were fixed so that the players won’t face any issues. This version have some changed features and better gaming controls. PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0 version requires 600MB storage and 1GB RAM. 

It is more efficient and the processor is improved. Developers are trying to provide the best gaming experience within the specific data size so that the users having low end devices can play easily without facing gaming errors because of their low processing device. However, if the processor isn’t able to work properly then the user should change the gaming device.

As you know PUBG is banned in India and the other game just like PUBG is introduced in India which is called as Battlegrounds Mobile India. Some people are still using the PUBG gaming app as they prefer this app over any other gaming app and this app can be downloaded from the internet as some people are still providing the links to download PUBG from unknown resources.

PUBG Mobile lite 0.22.1:-

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 is the updated version of PUBG. It is going to be launched soon. Every update comes with better features, gaming techniques and controls. As some players still have to face errors or have problem in live voice chat so, there are some improvements done as like fixing the bugs etc.


  • Issues are resolved
  • More updates
  • Growing at fast speed
  • Viruses are not present in this software


  • Firstly the users need to install the PUBG Mobile Lite APK from the given link below. The players must have more than 714MB of space to download the game.
  • After downloading the PUBG Mobile Lite, the users need to locate the downloaded file in their device.
  • Next the located file needs to be installed and for that click on the file and the file will ask your permission to install.
  • Go to your device settings; turn on the setting of installing files from unknown resources.
  • Your game will be installed and now you just need to log in to your account using their social media or Google accounts and if you don’t have an account then you need to create one and then you can play the game online.
  • Click on Allow as it will ask you to give permission to your media and files.



I hope you liked this article and you were able to install the new version of PUBG Mobile Lite version 0.22.1 from the above steps. If you have any queries then ask us in the comment section and we will provide you the solutions as soon as possible.

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