BGMI 1.8 Apk Download Latest v1.8.0 Apk+OBB – Battlegrounds Mobile India

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BGMI 1.8 Apk Download Latest v1.8.0 Apk+OBB – Battlegrounds Mobile India

BGMI 1.8 Apk Download:- KRAFTON Corporation had removed partnership with Tencent, Chinese Company, and now has come into partnership with Microsoft to overcome issues related to the data security problem. However, players are still reporting that Chinese texts appear while they play the game, that creates certain gaming and visibility issues and it had almost made the government rethink about the BGMI launch.

But after the 9 months ban imposed by the Indian government, PUBG Mobile also renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been released in India with its new Indian version of the game. The Indian Government has already approved the game and BGMI has been launched in India again on 18th June 2021 compiling all the data policies.


Battlegrounds Mobile India (KRAFTON CORPORATION successfully registered as PUBG India Private Limited in India on 21st November 2020):

In simple words, Battlegrounds Mobile India is a remake of PUBG Mobile but it has been specifically designed for Indian players by removing partnership with Tencent and joining with Microsoft in the form of Partnership to work out some data security issues. Now BGMI is just a new version of PUBG made for Indian users only.

PUBG India Private Limited Registered Officially in India

All the new or latest versions of Battlegrounds Mobile India are revealed on its Official YouTube account!!

Also, there are lots of promotion campaigns that are run by BGMI teams to attract the old and newer audience from time to time!

BGMI 1.8.0 apk download update:

The much-awaited 1.7.0 update has just been recently released in BGMI. The game’s 1.7.0 saw a major change or update in which the BGMI players got a lot of new things and rewards to play with. At the moment, you must be enjoying the 1.7 version of the game.

Now, having enjoyed the latest version you must also be thinking of what new things the coming version i.e. 1.8.0 could bring!

But worry not because we have got you covered for your curious mind and questions related to the 1.8 update of the game. By the end of this article you will know what are the new things or features that you can expect in the next 1.8 update of BGMI Mobile. The information that is provided in this article is based on the PUBG PC and Chinese version of the game, Game for Peace.

The features expected in BGMI 1.8.0 version are provided down below:

  • AC VAL Gun

AC VAL is a brand new gun that has arrived as a new toy in Game for Peace. Talking about it’s the size of AC VAL Gun, the bullet size of this gun is 9mm. It leads to just about an average the damage of this gun and that is too if you compare this gun with the VSS gun.


  • Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle

Playing with Lynx AMR is likely to be a great gun. Talking about the category of rifle, it is a sniper category’s gun. Lynx AMR sniper rifle is supposed to be even more dangerous gun than AWM as this gun can also penetrate the armor and players can even destroy vehicles in just 2 to 3 bullets with the help of this gun.


  • Vikendi 2.0 Map

If we talk about the Vikendi’s 2.0 versions of map then we can safely say that BGMI Players have hardly waited for any other feature as much as they have waited for Vikendi’s next version of map. Just few months ago, the developers themselves teased the players with Vikendi 2.0, but still after that, there Vikendi 2.0 map was never released with in any of the updates in the game. Anyhow, we still expect that maybe Vikendi 2.0 will be seen with the 1.8 update.


  • Dirt Bike

If we see Vikendi 2.0 version in the 1.8 update of the game, then the chances are very high that Dirt Bike will also be added to the 1.8.0 update. It is also worth mentioning that at the moment that Dirt Bike is already been released in the PC version of PUBG, with the help of which players can also do some really cool stunts!!


The above features are some of the things that are predicted that might come in the 1.8 update of BGMI Mobile game as far as we know or have gathered from the rumors circling around the internet. So, if you have any other information related to 1.8 update, then you can share it by commenting in the comment box below.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Requirements:

Below are the minimum requirements that your device must have to run the Battlegrounds Mobile India version:

Processor: Snapdragon 425 or a higher version
RAM: A minimum of 2 GB
Storage: A minimum of 3 GB
OS: Android 5.1.1 or higher
Internet Speed: 10 Mbps


If your device has the above given requirements or specifications then you can easily play Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India on your device, but lag still might occur. However, you can easily Fix any Lag and Ping in PUBG Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India App Specifications:

Following are the specifications of Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India application) which can be found on the Internet:

App Name: Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)
Release Date: 20.03.2022
App Size: 3 GB (including OBB)
App Version: 1.8.0v
Category: Shooting, Action & Multiplayer
Headquarters Karnataka, India


Features of Battlegrounds Mobile India:

Although the BGMI came after PUBG, yet it can be seen that there are a lot of additional features in the Battlegrounds Mobile Indian version. And some of those features can be read from down below:


$100 Million Investment in Indian eSports Market:

Krafton Corporation had announced that it plans to invest around 100 Million Dollars in Indian eSports to improve the eSports, IT and entertainment industries that is going to open many job opportunities for the Indian public.

Along with that BGMI had announced that its next tournament prize pool (amounts to $14 Million) will take place in India.


Partnership with Microsoft:

As a means to end the data security issues and violation issues (which were the basic reasons behind why the PUBG Mobile was banned), Krafton Corporation has removed Tencent as its publishing partner and has partnered with Microsoft for the BGMI as a solution to the violation and security problem. Due to this step, now the Indian user’s data is being safely handled without even transferring it to China.


Better User Experience for the Users of India:

As per a viral video, the BGMI game has been separately or we can say that specifically has been designed for the Indian users only. You can watch this video link given down below about the Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India voice and messaging system in which we can hear the Hindi language in the message chat. Although you should keep in mind the fact that it’s only rumored.


BGMI Voice Chat System:


Improvements in Ping and Lag Issues:

Since the data servers of BGMI are located in India, therefore, Indian players could already see huge improvements in ping while they play the game. Thereby, improving the gaming experience!

Now BGMI supposedly has less lags as its servers are located nearby (in India) only rather than an outdoor location for servers.


New Events Based on Indian Festivals:

Now Indian users who play BGMI can get additional events that feature festivals of India in the future which will help the BGMI users to earn free rewards in the game. And as you know that in India, there are lots of festivals celebrated in a year, you will see various additional events that will be based on the festivals in the game.


BGMI: Download the APK file of Latest Version of BGMI i.e. 1.8.0 – Working Link for Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.8.0 will be officially launched on 22nd March 2022 and will be available for both Android users and iOS users.


You can easily download BGMI i.e. Battlegrounds Mobile India from the Google Play Store: or any other App Stores such as TapTap.

But if you are looking for BGMIs v1.8.0 Apk & OBB, you can download it from the link given down below:


BGMI Apk+OBB Download:

Below you are provided the BGMI Apk & OBB files working link from where you can easily download the BGMI’s 1.8.0 version quickly. You just need to download both the files i.e. Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk and OBB file and have to move the BGMI OBB file to your Android OBB storage location i.e. Android>OBB>Your_BGMI_OBB_Folder.

How you can Download and Install BGMI Apk on Your Device?

You just need to follow the below given steps to install PUBG Mobile India using the TapTap app:

  1. First, download the TapTap app on your device and then search Battlegrounds Mobile India on it.
  2. You will see the Official Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile India version in the search results.
  3. You need to click on it and then press the Download button and the BGMI apk will automatically start to download on TapTap app and you will have the BGMI game installed on your device.

Social Handles of Official Battlegrounds Mobile India:

If you want to stay updated with official news regarding BGMI then I recommend you that you go and follow its Official Social Handles such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook:, YouTube:, Linkedln, and Website:

What is The Size of Battlegrounds Mobile India?

The size of Battlegrounds Mobile India version is approximately set to be around 1.5 GB for Android & 1.8 GB for iOS without any in-game downloads such as maps, outfits, weapons skins, etc. So, after all the in-game downloads it would take around 3.5+ GB data storage size.

We hope you got what you were looking for. This article is posted to help you to download and install the latest version of Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk on your device. But if you face any issues in its installation, then comment down below. We will try to help you with the solution as soon as possible.

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